Business group applauds Arriscraft’s energy thrift

Source: General Shale, Johnson City, Tenn.

The Cambridge (Ontario) Chamber of Commerce has presented General Shale subsidiary Arriscraft International the 2012 Environment-Excellence in Energy Conservation Award, recognizing a business that embraces sustainable best practices and programs designed to maintain, protect and promote a healthy environment.

Award judges weigh energy use reduction, energy alternatives and/or the adoption, implementation or adherence to environmentally friendly business practices on a company-wide basis. One of 56 nominees in the 2012 program, Arriscraft has reduced kilowatt hours per 1,000 kg (2,200 lb.) of manufactured stone output by 23 percent since 1999.

“This is a good example of employees’ efforts at our locations throughout North America,” says Dick Green, CEO of General Shale. “Technology has improved so that production processes require 70 percent less energy than in the 1970s, and our reclamation and recycling efforts continue to be a top priority.”