CRSI to leverage ANSI accreditation in new reinforcement standards

Source: Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, Schaumburg, Ill.

On the heels of its designation as an American National Standards Institute Accredited Standards Developer, CRSI will develop and maintain consensus standards for design, detailing, fabrication, placement, and construction of assemblies consisting of steel reinforcement and associated products used in concrete and masonry.

“While CRSI reference materials have been a mainstay of the industry for decades, we look forward to taking CRSI technical activities to this highest level, providing the reinforcing steel industry, as well as the engineering and architecture community, with important standards for governing appropriate industry activities and products,” said Robert Risser, CRSI president and CEO. “By completing this process successfully, CRSI members have indicated their willingness to take a leadership role.”

CRSI initially intends to produce a standard for bar supports and two standards related to its certification programs for epoxy-coated reinforcing bars. A proposed CRSI standard for “Supports for Reinforcement Used in Concrete” will be a mandatory-language document appropriate for citation in or adoption by reference in building codes or project specifications. This proposed standard represents existing industry practice and is an evolution of prior CRSI publications, such as the CRSI Manual of Standard Practice. The proposed standard document is intended to cover the types of reinforcement supports (metal, cementitious, or composite) and their applications in different concrete members. Different “classes” of support types will also be defined based on the desired level of corrosion resistance necessary, as specified by the owner or licensed design professional.

A proposed “Standard Practice for Epoxy Coating Facilities: Straight Bar Lines” will cover practices for the epoxy coating of reinforcing steel bars on straight bar lines. This document will establish the minimum procedures used to monitor production and assess quality during the application of an epoxy coating to straight steel reinforcing bars. The proposed standard practice will outline the minimum requirements for documentation, observation, and testing as part of a quality control program. The second proposed certification standard, “Standard Practice for Epoxy-Coated Reinforcing Bar Fabrication Facilities,” will cover practices for the fabrication, storage, and handling of epoxy-coated reinforcing steel at fabricator facilities. The proposed document will describe standard practice for bar fabrication quality processes for epoxy-coated steel reinforcing bars.

After the two proposed certification standards are developed by CRSI and approved through the ANSI process, they will serve as the technical requirements for the certification of epoxy-coating plants with straight bar lines and fabricator facilities that handle epoxy-coated reinforcing steel bars.