Group aims to quell developing nations’ practice of shovel-mixed concrete

Source: Cart-Away Concrete Systems, McMinnville, Ore.

North American production and practice experts are teaming to promote sound concrete mixing and placement methods in poor nations, where builders’ use of shovels to mix material for homes and buildings has the potential for devastating consequences due to finished concretes’ low compressive strengths.

The Cement Trust assembled at the World of Concrete 2013 with a blunt charter theme, “Death By a Thousand Shovels,” stressing a mission of finding ways to build stronger concrete supply systems for the poor across the globe. Cement Trust is a thought leader and a resource development organization, notes Bruce Christensen, group director and general manager of portable mixer manufacturer Cart-Away Systems. “Until we find solutions to this broken system, we will continue to see death, devastation and the waste of the world’s resources,” he affirms. “Cement Trust is focused on gathering the best ideas to improve the chances of survival and construction sustainability in forgotten regions of the world.”

The group has scheduled a strategic planning meeting, the Cement Trust Symposium, July 11–12 in Oregon, for representatives from the concrete, manufacturing, engineering, mining and distribution industries, along with members of the international aid and development community.