Construction unions chief: Election results place jobs strategy above gridlock

Source: Building and Construction Trades Department (BCTD), AFL-CIO, Washington, D.C.

In a statement congratulating President Obama and Vice President Biden on their re-election, BCTD’s Sean McGarvey offers this take on second-term activity affecting members and the construction industry:

“Over the past four years, America’s Building Trades Unions have lamented the toxic nature of our politics that sought to win the latest news cycle but rarely put the needs of constituents ahead of political party goals. With yet another convincing general election victory, President Obama correctly pointed out that the American people decisively ‘voted for action, not politics as usual…it’s about your jobs, not ours.’

“Exit polling clearly demonstrated that the economy swamped every other issue in this election, and voters expect action and responsible leadership. The men and women of America’s Building Trades Unions, who have had to endure unemployment rates that far exceed the national average, are no different. This election should be viewed as a repudiation of craven, special interest-driven partisan gridlock, as well as ‘race to the bottom’ tactics and extreme views that only seek to divide an electorate and grind the peoples’ business to a halt in order to advance narrow agendas and political goals.

“We saw in races throughout the country that voters expect more [and] want time spent on solving problems, not rehashing old fights on issues long settled, such as infrastructure investments, prevailing wages, project labor agreements, workforce development, and health and retirement security. America’s Building Trades Unions hope that public servants in both parties see fit to finally address the pressing needs in this country in a balanced and responsible way that allows for a level playing field, is devoid of raw political motivation, and instead is fueled by what best unites us and makes us stronger as a nation.”