Proprietary Cemex mix cuts ICF walls’ rebar requirements by 75 percent

Source: Cemex, S.A.B. de C.V., Monterrey, Mexico

The Mexico construction materials giant Cemex and Cemex USA launched in the United States Fortium ICF, a construction material specifically engineered to reduce the time and material needed to build vertical concrete wall systems, such as insulated concrete form building envelopes, while providing substantial savings in long-term maintenance and energy costs.

Fortium ICF employs advancements in mineralogy and nanotechnology to improve the performance of concrete at a microscopic level, and eliminates fully up to three-fourths of the steel reinforcement typically required for vertical concrete construction. The result is a concrete structure that is built 50 percent faster with turnkey savings of more than 32 percent, compared to traditional ICF construction.

“The dramatic reduction in the use of supporting steel rebar enables builders to construct concrete homes that are not only more affordable, but superior to traditional ICF-constructed homes in terms of strength, safety and energy efficiency,” said Karl Watson, president of Cemex USA. “Additionally, Fortium provides the opportunity to builders and homeowners to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of home construction.”

As CEMEX’s most recent addition to its growing portfolio of products and initiatives that significantly reduce environmental impacts, Fortium ICF is a product that delivers energy and CO2 savings. Each home built with Fortium ICF reduces building emissions by a total of 170 metric tons of CO2 over the course of 30 years.