Turner imparts Lean construction methods in annual Safety Stand-Down

Source: Turner Construction Co., New York

Turner Construction safety managers were set to suspend work September 4 to deliver a message—Lean and Safe: Material Management for a Safer Work Environment—timed with the general contracting giant’s annual Safety Stand-Down.

The event is an opportunity to introduce 40,000-plus subcontractors to the principles and methods of Lean construction, which Turner describes as an operating philosophy a) emphasizing the use of proven methods and tools in a cycle of continuous improvement; b) seeking to deliver clients the greatest value through reduction of activities that waste time, material and other resources; and, c) capable of delivering results with better collaboration and communication, jobsite organization, and scheduling.

Stand-Down presentations focus on how project team members can improve overall site safety with Lean methods, including how equipment, tools, and materials are delivered, received, distributed, and stored. “One adaptation of Lean is a program we call ‘Nothing hits the Ground’ where subcontractors use rolling carts and racks, dollies, and pallet jacks in order to prevent many of the strains, sprains and repetitive motion injuries associated with material handling. At the same time this increases worker productivity, which can lead to improved schedules and lower costs,” says Turner Director of Integrated Building Solutions James Barrett.

“Being a leader in the construction industry is more than just programs, procedures, metrics and initiatives,” adds Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety Cindy DePrater. “It’s about continuous improvement, empowering people to find and suggest solutions, and an unwavering commitment on part of every project team member to sending every worker home safely every day.”