System controls process water pH

The WatchDog wastewater treatment system is used for NPDES permit compliance at industrial sites, allowing personnel to easily control pH levels of wastewater discharge. Through the use of a non-hazardous compound, sodium bisulfate, pH levels are monitored and adjusted automatically with minimal employee involvement. The pH WatchDog allows ready mixed, precast concrete, asphalt and mining operations to achieve regulatory compliance, avoid fines and maintain worker safety.

In addition to WatchDog, the company provides or assists in: establishing positive relationships with government agencies; Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan preparation; submission of necessary permits and assistance with any renewals; conducting full site evaluations and best management practice recommendations; collection and submission of data as directed by NPDES permits, including date for Discharge monitoring Report [DMR] submission; site assessment; and environmental compliance training seminars. — EcoDepot LLC, 443/304-3317;