Ready mixed reclaimer

Concrete Reclaimers, Inc. has introduced a system aimed at increasing producers’ per-truck profit with the effective removal and stockpiling of coarse and fine aggregate from returned mixes.

The operating concept is simple. Process water stored by the system is used to wash the aggregate out of the returned concrete. A hard metal pump directs the watery concrete slurry over a screen for coarse aggregate removal. The fine aggregate, cement paste and water pass through the screen to a hopper containing a screw conveyor, which de-waters the fine aggregate and discharges it to a separate stockpile. The cement fine-laden water is pumped back to a storage container for reuse. All of the water discharged from the mixer truck is contained by the system and is used by the reclaiming process.

The reclaimer system is easy for the mixer driver to use. He positions his truck against the stop and starts the system with a push of a button. When the “green light” comes on, the driver adds water to the mixer drum using an overhead supply, then discharges the returned concrete from the drum. He flushes the mixer drum, rinses the chutes, and proceeds to the next order or completes his shift. The reclaimer system shuts itself off.

The system is fabricated of hot-dipped galvanized ¼-in. steel plate and structural components. The mechanical items are standard industrial commodities and are mostly made in the United States. The entire system is assembled in La Marque, Texas. Additional information and a video of a reclaiming cycle are posted at