Argos looks to brand ash-rich mixes in key U.S. markets

Sources: Ceratech Inc., Alexandria, Va.; CP staff

On the heels of last year’s strategic investment in fly ash binder specialist Ceratech, Argos USA is preparing to offer carbon-neutral concrete mixes in major markets from the Carolinas to Texas. With expanded product offerings based on the ekkomaxx binder—fly ash plus a handful of proprietary liquid admixtures—Argos will reaffirm its industry leadership by offering portland cement-free mixes with two to three times the durability of regular concretes when exposed to extreme corrosive and high temperature environments, Ceratech notes.

As the country’s fourth largest ready mixed concrete producer, Argos is building a competitive advantage based on sustainability and innovation, notes Ceratech CEO Jon Hyman, adding, “The investment in Ceratech shows how important innovative, sustainable construction products are to [Argos’] goals as an industry leader.”

Separately, Ceratech has signed a multiyear, fly ash sourcing agreement with Midwest Generation LLC. “The quality of the ash is excellent,” affirms Ceratech Executive V.P. Mark Wasilko. “Unlike conventional portland cement, we have no issues with carbon activated ash, which enables us to [Midwest’s] highly reactive ash in all our cements. In combination with the fly ash sourcing in Michigan and Ohio, we are well positioned to support a broad range of projects across the Midwest.

“[Midwest Generation] compliments established fly ash procurement agreements with Headwaters Resources at power plant locations throughout the U.S. We are actively involved in identifying, developing, and even enhancing fly ash sources in the U.S. and Canada.”