Argos looks to brand ash-rich mixes in key U.S. markets

Sources: Ceratech Inc., Alexandria, Va.; CP staff

On the heels of last year’s strategic investment in fly ash binder specialist Ceratech, Argos USA is preparing to offer carbon-neutral concrete mixes in major markets from the Carolinas to Texas. With expanded product offerings based on the ekkomaxx binder—fly ash plus a handful of proprietary liquid admixtures—Argos will reaffirm its industry leadership by offering portland cement-free mixes with two to three times the durability of regular concretes when exposed to extreme corrosive and high temperature environments, Ceratech notes.

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Terex marks front discharge model’s 40th year with new truck design, order log

Source: Terex Roadbuilding, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Terex is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its legacy brand, Advance Mixer, by restarting a new front discharge mixer assembly line in response to improving market conditions. The company recently signed a 65-truck order with a large producer operating in multiple Midwestern states, the production carrying into 2013.

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