Spancrete tests pervious precast

Spancrete Industries has deployed a new patent-pending system to help manage stormwater runoff at Milwaukee’s Garden District Neighborhood Association Farmers Market.

In addition to potentially alleviating the city’s runoff management challenges, the Spancrete system will have the ability to reduce construction timeframes and lessen the need for repairs. Since the sections are precast, on-site cure time is eliminated, thus allowing construction crews to simply set the sections into place. Also, as the sections are produced in a controlled environment, quality issues that generally accompany field-placed pervious concrete are eradicated.

“We are looking forward to the results of the Spancrete tests,” said Dan Willems, Spancrete vice president of precast operations. “If this system performs like we believe it will, this precast pervious concrete system will have endless applications. This truly is building innovation.”