Contractors and OSHA battle aggressive driving

Through its Alliance partnership with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association has released a Best Practice document, CSDA-OBP-1009 Aggressive Driving and Road Rage, to help concrete professionals avoid confrontations in their daily commutes.

“Many CSDA contractors travel around the country in work trucks, and sometimes they and other road users do not understand the extra time needed to maneuver such large vehicles or the distance required to bring these vehicles safely to a stop,” says CSDA Safety Committee Chair Kellie Vazquez. “By not understanding these factors, drivers can quickly become aggressive toward each other. In extreme cases, something as simple as not using a turn signal can result in an act of road rage. We felt it was important to educate the industry about how to steer clear of these situations.”

The tenth document the CSDA-OSHA Alliance has released since 2006, and the third road-related Best Practice, CSDA-OBP-1009 details factors that can lead to aggressive driving and road rage, then explains some of the ways employers and employees can reduce instances of either occurring during their time on the road. Copies of the Best Practice documents can be downloaded from or, or obtained from CSDA, 727/577-5004; [email protected].