Command Alkon sees bottom line results with Dispatch Optimization

Command Alkon’s latest “game-changing” technology, Dispatch Optimization, allows ready-mixed producers to optimize the use of all of their dispatch resources. Producers adopting this technology are logging positive results.

Recent adopter Titan America, for one, reports strong improvements in efficiency and cost savings, all attributable to Dispatch Optimization:

  • Cubic yards/hour

+13.6 percent

  • Delivery efficiency

+6.3 percent

  • Average load size

+2.2 percent

  • Average trips/day/truck

+0.57 percent

  • Average delivery labor cost

–10.9 percent

  • Average trucks/day

–3.54 percent

  • Average material cost

–0.06 percent

The numbers reflect one region where Titan operates 10 plants and 71 trucks in a delivery area 15-20 miles wide. Notes Graham Fox, VP of Information Systems, “The results Optimization has produced have been too good to be true.”

To address concerns of producers that the tool will not suit the size or structure of their operation, Command Alkon has announced a Subscription Pricing option, allowing them to “test the waters” with Dispatch Optimization without making the initial capital expenditure. Subscription Pricing allows producers to purchase monthly licenses.

Another major effort in Command Alkon’s world of Dispatch Optimization is introducing customers to the Change Management Model. Dispatch Optimization is more than just a tool that users plug in and it starts working. The process of moving to an “optimized” world requires producers to evaluate, measure, and manage company processes. Command Alkon cites success in using the “Managing Complex Change Model” as a framework for implementing Dispatch Optimization. Focusing on the five components of this model—Vision, Skills, Incentive, Resources, and Action Plan—Optimization Consultants and Application Experts work with each producer to implement the tool set and changes necessary to make processes and profits the best they can be. Inquiries on Dispatch Optimization can be directed to [email protected].