Chemical grouts, waterstops

Grace Construction Products’ De Neef’s PURe line of polyurethane grouts provide a safe and environmentally friendly alternative for injectable grouting projects and are all ANSI/NSF 61 certified for use in potable water applications. The new catalyst formulations are insensitive to freezing, with crystallization temperatures as low as -40°C. Both grout and catalyst are all phthalate-free formulations allowing for non-hazmat shipping and storage.

The company has also introduced De Neef’s INJECTO line of injectable hoses that replace traditional waterstops and help overcome many of the problems that occur in cold joints during normal concrete placement. Permeable hoses are attached to cold joints prior to the concrete pour, and then injected with polyurethane grout after the concrete has had a chance to cure for 28 days. This allows for the cracks created by the natural process of concrete shrinkage to fully develop before being sealed. In addition, defects that routinely occur during concrete pours are filled and sealed during the injection process.

Moreover, the company has introduced De Neef’s SWELLSEAL line of hydrophilic swelling waterstops that provide for an engineered solution to seal concrete cold joints. —