2012 MIT Industry Day: Invest, Innovate, Invigorate, Implement

Source: RMC Research & Education Foundation, Silver Spring, Md.

“Research with an I4 Sustainable Change” is the theme of this year’s Concrete Sustainability Hub Research Progress Update for Industry and Key Stakeholders gathering, September 27 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.

Citing MIT researchers’ development of groundbreaking models to support concrete in sustainable building, Industry Day organizers base this year’s theme around calls to action on four I’s: time for stakeholders to Invest themselves in the research results and models; begin to Innovate their own design and manufacturing processes based on the findings; Invigorate their various constituencies to learn and apply the methodologies; and, Implement sustainable change.

The program will start with a reception on the evening of Wednesday, September 26. A morning session the following day will include presentations by MIT researchers working on the Concrete Science and Building Technology Platforms, including Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Pavements and Buildings. Lunch will be provided and followed by afternoon breakout sessions where researchers can hear feedback and field questions from stakeholders and representatives. Registration is $195 and includes the reception, lunch, coffee breaks and materials. Additional information and registration forms can be obtained by clicking here.

The Concrete Sustainability Hub is jointly supported by the RMC Research & Education Foundation and Portland Cement Association.