NPCA launches Sustainability Awards

Source: National Precast Concrete Association, Carmel, Ind.

As the industry continues to benefit from the adoption of sustainable practices by various businesses, the NPCA Sustainability Committee has created the NPCA Sustainability Awards, to be presented at The Precast Show 2013 in Indianapolis. Deadline for submittal is November 1.

The awards will be divided into four categories: Producer Members–Best Project Entry; Producer Members–Best Company/Plant Entry; Associate Members–Best Project Entry; and Associate Members–Best Company/Plant Entry. Points will be awarded based on:

  •  Benefits—What are the benefits of the project to the company, the community and/or the environment?
  • Innovation—The originality of the project/product in terms of subject and/or approach.
  • Wider Applicability—Points will be gained if the idea can be applied to other member companies.
  • Employee Participation—Employee participation in the project will gain further credit.

The goal of the program is to acknowledge excellence in sustainable products, practices and operations within NPCA membership, and to publicize the overall progress of the precast concrete industry toward sustainability. More information and the entry form can be found at NPCA’s sustainability page.