New generation Hess model: Small footprint, fast cycles, unit flexibility

In an effort to help customers achieve the best return on their business investment through greater productivity and improved safety, Hess Machinery announced the RH 760. A machine that offers cycle times in less than six seconds on a pallet of 26 ½ x 18 in. (660 x 470 mm), it nets concrete masonry units that can exceed ASTM and CSA standards.

The RH 760 is designed to replace equipment of limited functionality with a machine that can mold a variety of product and offers an optional Face Mix attachment. Hess uses its patented table vibration to place the vibration energy directly into the concrete, shortening cycle time and increasing product density. The vibration system (Variotronic) utilizes asynchronous servo motors to turn four unbalanced weights that are contained in isolated oil filled housings. Frequency and amplitude can be adjusted individually to produce maximum results during mold filling and compaction. This unique feature permits permanent lubrication of bearings, increased machine uptime, and various vibration adjustments yielding a wider product spectrum.

Replacing existing machinery has never been easier, RH 760 developers contend. The machine has a small footprint and will fit on many existing foundations of previous equipment. Customers will be able to use their current mold inventory, production pallets, and pallet circulation systems. Small adaptations might be necessary to the concrete supply due to customer preference.

The RH 760 offers a capability to mold a large range of products from 1-in. (25-mm) to 12-in. (300-mm) thick. Blocks, pavers, slabs, bricks, and veneers can all be made in a system that utilizes a quick mold change system. Mold and production specifications are saved in the system to offer rapid set up times between different product heights.

Hess engineers have created a user-friendly control panel with understandable symbols. RH 760 operators can change the speed of different components by using the touch screen and moving their finger over a slider in the direction of the rabbit for faster or the tortoise for slower. The communication between the machine’s PLC will not permit one control to be out synchronization, and automatically adjusts all other required functions to react similarly to avoid any collisions during machine operations. Hess provides different levels of security for the different levels of plant responsibility that will permit access to adjusting and setting machine operation parameters.

Hess technology offers the advanced MVA Hydraulic System for the RH 760. Demand for the hydraulic pressure is consistently being monitored and calls for electrical power only when needed. Due to the output regulation of the pumps, no excessive energy is transferred into heat; keeping the hydraulic oils cooler and pressures higher, this translates into increased efficiency. All cylinders work on independent cycles with pressure feedback values to the controls.

Accessibility to all RH 760 components is made easy with the open design of the machine frame and placement of electrical and hydraulic fixtures. The quick change mold system permits product switches in minutes without having to wait for machine parts to open or be removed. A mold change cart is fixed to the outside rails of the pallet transport system and is actuated by a touch of a button. With the preinstalled OSS system (Operator Support System), the operator receives detailed information of alerts and instructions.

While the RH 760 is a replacement for the typical three-at-a-time machine, Hess also offers the four-at-a-time RH 780 machine. — Hess Machinery Ltd., 905/575-4440;