McCoy machines wet cast hardscape unit line

The Fast Cast Wet Cast Production System has been designed as a completely automated package, with equipment for de-stacking of mold carriers, stations for de-molding, mold cleaning, form release & color application, mold filling, vibration, quality control, unit stacking and curing. With cycle times now under 30 seconds and 5-ft.-square production boards, wet cast can be competitive with dry cast systems, according to Fast Cast developer McCoy Equipment.

The turnkey solution has two mold-filling options: a volumetric system called the “Perfect Portion,” which delivers the exact volume of concrete to a multi-cavity mold; and, “Magic Doser,” a patented system that allows operators to quickly and cleanly fill an array of cavities, regardless of mold thickness and without any product coming into contact with the top of the mold. To complement the Fast Cast Line, the company also designs and manufactures polyurethane molds, including types with embedded RFID technology. In addition, it develops mold masters for various hardscape and masonry products. — J. McCoy Equipment Ltd., 905/985-0989;