Concrete-grade bit, hammer

Bosch Bulldog Xtreme bits are built around a solid-head carbide design that lasts longer than competitive offerings in rebar while providing faster drilling speed combined with precision, notes the manufacturer.

Bosch utilizes a proprietary diffusion-bonding technology, a high-heat, high-pressure solid state welding process, to ensure a superior steel/carbide combination. This gives Bulldog Xtreme bits superior strength and a solid-carbide head.

A centric conical tip guides the bit and results in rounder holes, which is particularly important when setting anchors or fasteners. A wear mark alerts the user when the bit has worn to a level where it’s no longer precise. The overall flute design of the bit enhances dust removal, reduces operating temperatures and reduces bit stress in concrete and rebar. Bit sizes range from 3/16-in. to 1 1/8-in. diameter.

Bosch Bulldog SDS-plus rotary hammer bits offer vacuum brazing and an induction-heat hardening process to ensure fast drilling in lightweight or normal weight concrete applications.

An optimized flute design that reduces friction points between bit and concrete helps the bit run cooler and reduces bit stress. The four-flute pattern ensures fast dust removal and a centric tip provides optimal hole geometry. Bit sizes range from 5/32- to 1-in. diameter; length 4 to 39 in. — Bosch,