Bagged mortar squeezes out waste in due course

Unit masonry and precast product developer and licensor Concrete Results Inc. recently announced the addition of TrueMortar, a modified portland cement-based formulation packaged in a patented applicator bag for speed and accuracy. With next generation additives and modifiers to impart workability, performance, and an attractive cost/productivity ratio, TrueMortar affords an alternative to the conventional process of concrete block laying and bonding.

The composition and packaging, product developers contend, will significantly lower costs, time and the need for tools since much less adhering bonding—0.4 lbs. per unit—is needed when compared to conventional mortars. Officials of Texas-based Innovative Mortar Solutions note that masons with four 11-lb. TrueMortar bags and one gallon of water can lay 120 concrete masonry units in less than half the time required for traditional methods relying on boards, tubs and trowels.

Developer-cited benefits include ready-to-use packaging, requiring only the addition of water; workdays with productivity rates up to three times those of conventional block laying; no need of additional tools, as material is applied directly from the package; substantial waste reduction; optimum workability and bonding; and, quality control on all production processes.

Innovative Mortar Solutions developed TrueMortar to adhere to any prefabricated stone or masonry product, crafting a unique-shaped bag to make the process of laying concrete block more cost effective, efficient and improve simplicity and convenience. — Concrete Results, Southlake, Texas, 817/680-5733,; Innovative Mortar Solutions, Richmond, Texas, 713/494-4987,