Citgo Lubricants Greenway Program Pave Way To 2018

The trucking industry faces unprecedented challenges in a continuing effort to reduce the carbon footprint of the heavy-duty transportation industry, which is why companies like Citgo Lubricants are helping fleets prepare for the strict regulations. Citgo Lubricants has developed GreenWay, an initiative that takes on environmental stewardship issues and connects it with measureable economic savings and increased efficiency.

“To reach the goal of 15 percent reduction in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for model year 2018, heavy-duty trucks must embrace offerings like GreenWay as well as other industry initiatives,” said Mark Betner product manager, Citgo Lubricants. “We are proud to offer cleaner and more efficient products and programs that will meet the government standards while also increasing savings on the trucking industry’s bottom line.”

Government mandates from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department fo Transportation to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases have spurred innovation and technological advancement, including the important change from conventional to synthetic lubricants. GreenWay delivers elite fully synthetic products that are backed with the company’s state-of-the-art LubeAlert Oil Analysis Program.

Through the initiative, Citgo Lubricants works one-one-one with fleets to build customized solutions. These solutions focus on extending drain service intervals, lengthening component life and reducing fuel costs that can add up to more than $4,000 savings annually per unit. Other elements in the equation include advanced technologies that are leading to breakthroughs in trucking such as aerodynamic design and materials as well as hybrid capabilities.

The GreenWay family of synthetic products includes:

  • Citgo CITGARD SYnDurance Synthetic Engine Oil SAE 5W-40.
  • Cigto SynCurance Syntheic Gear Oil SAE 75W-90.
  • Citgo SynDurance Synthetic Gear Oil SAAE 50.
  • Citgo SynDurance Premium Syntheic 460 Grease #00.
  • Citgo SynDurance Premium Synthetic 460 Grease #02.