Booster panel raises ICF walls to R-30 or beyond

Source: Reward Wall Systems, Omaha, Neb.

Unveiling the patent-pending Boost-R Panel, Reward Wall aims to meet owner and architect demands to increase energy efficiency in homes and buildings of insulating concrete form construction.

With more stringent building code requirements and the advent of net-zero and passive house designs, the Boost-R Panel is a valued product line extension, Reward officials note, affording users the ability to increase typical ICF walls to R-30 values, and up to R-55 for specialty applications. The panels are specifically designed to slide over the wall system’s eight form ties and rebar chairs and snap into place. Because the Boost-R panels are placed inside of the core, ICF furring strips are still accessible for attachment on the form exterior. The Boost-R Panel allows for customization with different types of foam, foam densities and panel thicknesses.