New Hampton adds Streamline foam-cutting equipment

Iowa-based New Hampton Metal Fabrication has reached an agreement to represent Streamline Automation and its FROGMill line in North America. Streamline offers the most complete line of styrene foam-cutting equipment on the market, company officials note, especially for milling manhole invert channels—samples of which are shown here on display at the 2012 Precast Show. The manufacturer also works with precast producers to help take their production processes and businesses to new levels of productivity, quality and innovation.

The steel-framed FROGMill machine, 12.5- x 8-ft., has a process area of 10- x 6-ft.; an extended Z axis work area provides for a 28-in. stroke and 16.5-in. under-gantry clearance. AC servo motors with direct drive equate to traverse speeds to 1,200 inches per minute. The FROGMill is remote controlled, with joystick, and features Windows-based interface software enabling machine operation by crews with limited or no experience in foam fabrication.

New Hampton Metal Fab has been serving various industries for more than 60 years, specializing in manhole, box, utility, flare, safety end, pipe and specialty product form equipment. The company is also the North American representative for Colle SpA, which offers a range of fully automated and manual machines for vibration machinery, packerhead machinery, vibration tables, wire cage machines and automatic pallet cleaning machines for the pipe and precast industry.   — 641/ 394-4111;;