Besser programs new Vision control for pipe; welds form to a T

In addition to the Connector operational optimization program (page 14), Besser Co. arrived at the 2012 Precast Show in Orlando with the Vision 3 Automation System for pipe machines, plus a new form yielding monolithic T-shaped pipe or manholes.

Vision 3 is geared to provide precision and reliability for pipe production using bidirectional or conventional packerhead machines. Located on the plant floor near the pipe machine, its freestanding supervisor’s console contains a programmable logic controller for solid-state electronic control and a color flat panel touch screen PC that controls four high definition Ethernet cameras.

Pre-programmed logic maintains control of the basic machine cycle and numerous built-in features, including maintenance schedules and troubleshooting; searchable parts catalogs; and, an extended memory capacity for storage and recall of setup information for up to 200 different pipe sizes and configurations. Machine setup is simple: The supervisor selects the desired pipe size and presses a button to complete; this eliminates the majority of the initial fine-tuning usually required for daily start-up.

Machine adjustments are made using a color touchscreen interface. The supervisor uses the touchscreen to monitor machine operation and adjust its functions. Diagnostic help and instruction screens explain machine functions and aid operations, while testing screens provide enhanced troubleshooting ability. A memory card in the touchscreen unit maintains screen memory and pipe settings, with battery backup required.   — Besser Co., Alpena, Mich., 989/354-1040;

Pour T-Form

Available in an unlimited number of pipe and manhole sizes, the T Form is easy to set up and strip with collapsible cores for both the pipe and manhole (to assure proper manhole T positioning it is bolted to the pipe core) sections, and a tapered end section which helps alignment during set up. Built for durability and long life, the form features pantographed reinforcing supports that assure jacket shape and heavy-duty door hinges. Other features include a standard riser shovel plate, groove-forming pallet, tongue-forming header that opens with bead and lift eyes, tongue-forming header closed with lift eyes, and end fork truck pockets. The T Form is a three-piece jacket design, with two-piece version available for vertical pouring.