U.S. Precast, Florida Rock and Sand Prestress unite

Source: United Concrete Products, LLC, Miami

The merger of U.S. Precast Corp. and Florida Rock and Sand Prestress Co. positions the new entity, United Concrete Products, to offer the south Florida market expanded precast, prestressed, pipe and pile production. The joining of facilities, staff and vendor base, officials note, along with nearly 100 years of combined industry experience, will help to deliver market-leading products and services, and broaden United Concrete’s market presence.

“With the consolidation, we have taken a step forward in further defining and enhancing the precast concrete industry,” says U.S. Holdings Inc. Chief Operating Officer Ronn Page. “Our collective vision and collaborative strategies will foster leadership, innovation and excellence within the industry, and grow our current client base.”

“Joining forces with U.S. Precast provides a platform for delivering market-leading initiatives,” adds Florida Rock and Sand Vice President Tom Bond. “Our combined customer base and broad and diverse network of employees and vendors will continue to benefit from the products and services they have come to associate with each company—punctuated by a personalized, winning customer service philosophy.”

The United Concrete Products headquarters is located near Miami, in Medley, Fla. Florida Rock and Sand’s Florida City operation will be merged into the former U.S. Precast sites in Medley and West Palm Beach over the next several months.