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Available at Kenworth Truck and Peterbilt Motors dealers, the aftermarket TruckerLink telematics and fleet management service lets dispatchers and maintenance staff view the location of their trucks, driver logs and fuel consumption reports, vehicle diagnostic data, inspection results and more.

TruckerLink utilizes proprietary Remote Carrier Switching technology that seamlessly switches the service’s cellular connection between GSM and CDMA networks. The market’s only fleet management system that can switch between differing cellular networks, developers note, TruckerLink is comprised of three components:

  • FLEET, a secure website where data transmitted from trucks is monitored. Accessible from any computer, the site reports the operational status of all networked trucks fleet-wide in real-time.
  • Advanced Mobile Gateway, installed on trucks, communicates GPS location and diagnostics data in real-time over cellular networks.
  • DRIVER, a collection of applications that make it quick and easy for drivers to log their hours-of-service (HOS) and complete driver vehicle inspection reports when using a Windows laptop or notebook.

TruckerLink has been road-tested by fleets, including small and mid-size companies that previously may have found it cost-prohibitive to purchase a high-end telematics service. “Historically, the benefits of real-time fleet tracking have been enjoyed only by the larger fleets. But now given increased regulatory requirements and unpredictably high fuel costs, every fleet of any size needs an affordable telematics service that delivers immediate returns on investment,” said Paccar Parts General Marketing Manager Karl Mowat. “TruckerLink is that service, improving operational efficiencies fleet-wide.”

TruckerLink offers these company-cited market differentiators:

Powerfully simple design. The service delivers sophisticated enterprise-grade programming via simple user interfaces. The crisply visual and highly intuitive interface encourages quick adoption by drivers, dispatchers and maintenance crews.

Increased uptime. TruckerLink plugs into a truck’s J1939 electronic databus, running vehicle diagnostic programs with system alerts reported real-time at the TruckerLink FLEET website. These TruckerLink reports help maintenance crews plan and prepare for repairs before trucks return from the road.

Low cost, flexible design. The secure, password-protected TruckerLink FLEET is accessed from any laptop or computer. There is no need to purchase specialized hardware to access the fleetmanagement service, and TruckerLink customers pay a fixed price each month—meaning no invoicing surprises.

Heavy-duty engineering. Heavy-duty trucks are built to take pounding and stress. Accordingly, so is the rugged TruckerLink Advanced Mobile Gateway hardware.

The best wireless connection. Typically, Wi-Fi service is isolated, transmitting data via satellite-based services is expensive, and every cellular carrier has some holes in their coverage. TruckerLink is engineered to automatically switch between GSM and CDMA cellular networks. — Paccar Parts, 855/258-7825; www.truckerlink.com