Aggregate Yield Probe

A new aggregate and yield adjustment probe uses SONO/Sonar technology to determine the total moisture content of the material flowing across the ceramic face. It measures both free and absorbed moisture value. A separate module or a customers’ batch control system will then use this value to adjust the yield to account for the moisture present and dose the “dry weight” of the material being measured. This ensures accurate yields and consistent concrete.

The system has proven to have the highest reliability in comparison to microwave probes, developers contend, adding that SONO probes provide accurate measurement values even when aggregates are exposed to steam in winter and where the sand & gravel feature differing gradation. The unique feature of the system is that the automatic measurement compensation technology enables significantly longer operating periods without the necessity of recalibration. Most other older technology probe systems (capacitive, microwave) require frequent recalibration.   — Advanced Control Systems,