Block USA/Hardscapes USA joins UNI Pavers licensees

Source: F. von Langsdorff Licensing Ltd., Mississauga, Ontario

Interlocking concrete paver specialist F. von Langsdorff has added Block USA/Hardscapes USA as its newest U.S. UNI Pavers licensee. Part of Cemex, the Birmingham-based concrete masonry producer will offer a variety of UNI Pavers in Alabama, with a focus on permeable pavers and commercial applications.

Block USA/Hardscapes USA is one of 180-plus operations across the world molding and marketing UNI concrete paver and wall units. The producer likewise joins UNI-GROUP U.S.A., the industry’s oldest concrete paver association and a leader in new product development and research, technologies and advancements—among them permeable paver designs dating to the late 1980s.

“We look forward to working with Block USA/Hardscapes USA and are fortunate to add this outstanding company to our group,” says Harald von Langsdorff, president of F. von Langsdorff Licensing Ltd.