Premium Efficiency Motors

WEG Electric has introduced a complete line of Super Premium Efficiency AC motors from 1 to 250 hp that exceed the NEMA Premium efficiency levels with at least 20 percent fewer losses with a 1.25 service factor. These motors are ideal for high torque applications or high overload situations without having to specify a special purpose motor. Utilizing the completely new design of the WEG W22 platform, this motor line uses the same frame sizes as standard NEMA motors so installation into existing locations is easy and simple.

“This new AC motor line represents a step above the present NEMA Premium efficiency requirement so users can take advantage of many electric utilities added incentives offered to them to save even more money,” stated Dale Basso, product manager for the new Super Premium Efficiency motor line.

All motors are built using high quality FC-200 cast iron from WEG’s own foundries, assuring maximum durability and high performance in harsh conditions. Added protection is derived from a WEG coatings high performance paint system capable of passing a 240-hour ASTM 117B salt fog chamber test. Furthermore, a new cooling system was designed to provide improved airflow through the motor frame keeping operational temperatures low which extends motor service life. It also provides cooler bearing temperatures extending re-lubrication intervals for less maintenance.

“WEG has constantly invested in the development of new technologies and upgrades to its current product lines. Even during the 2009 global downturn, our company invested in the development of our new W22 platform of industrial motors, as well as the development of this Super Premium Efficiency line. We believe there are a number of customers in the market that are very aware of the effects that motor efficiency and reliability have in their financial results and it is these customers who will be very attracted to this new line,” said Gerardo Elias, marketing manager for North & Central America.

WEG has indicated in its Super Premium Efficiency Motor brochure which VFD or Soft Starter model to use with each new motor size to further increase efficiency and achieve a matched performance for every application. The brochure is available for download as well as the new WEG Payback Tool for Electric Motors at