Maxon mobile mixer produces by weight vs. volume

With an eye toward 2012 World of Concrete (January 24–27, Las Vegas) roll out, Maxon Industries is billing its 10-yd. Techcrete as the first truck-mounted concrete mixer to offer a continuous component weighing system with load cells and exclusive on-board batch controls.

The result is the only truck-mounted mixer that produces concrete by weight, not volume, netting what company engineers contend are reduced operating costs plus improved quality assurance and productivity. Among other Maxon-cited Techcrete model benefits and features:

Load cells independently weigh the sand/ aggregate and cement. The Techcrete meters each component into the mixing auger by weight, automatically detects any variance and adjusts to match the mix design, augmenting quality control. In contrast, Maxon officials note, conventional volumetric mixers estimate components using gate openings and screw/conveyor speed.

Printed load ticket displays actual weight of mix materials, water-cement ratio, and total yards produced. After each load, the Techcrete operator prints a load ticket confirming the concrete produced was as specified in the mix design.

On-board processor can be programmed with an infinite number of mix designs. To produce concrete, the Techcrete operator chooses the mix design and pushes the start button. The equipment automatically adjusts feed rates of each component in the mix, increasing productivity and reducing operator error. No need to adjust gates, change sprockets or shift valves to change mix designs.

Precise material delivery system. Techcrete operators, by Maxon estimates, can achieve up to a 10 percent reduction in cement consumption compared to production in other mobile mixing equipment. The Techcrete allows operators to dial in the exact amount of cement required to produce the desired mix.

Processor stores details of last 50 batches produced. At the end of the day, when the truck returns to the yard, the operator wirelessly downloads all the activities. Every load of concrete produced is recorded, allowing owners to utilize the system to tract material usage, improve inventory control, and oversee monthly costing.

Proportional load sensing hydraulic valve system. System design requires only a 2-gal. hydraulic reservoir, saving weight and cost. Load sensing hydraulics reduce fuel consumption and improve equipment performance.

Infinitely variable concrete mix designs, production rates. Techcrete can produce any mix design, from flowable fill to high strength/yield concrete, allowing greater versatility and utilization. An operator can pour from 1 to 60 yd./hour, providing customers with concrete on-demand, exactly at the desired pour rate. Adjust speed to feed a wheelbarrow, concrete pump or direct to grade all from the handheld remote.

Under an “Evolution of Mobile Concrete Mixing” theme, the Maxon Techcrete will debut at World of Concrete Booth #O 30030. — Maxon Industries, Milwaukee, 414/351-4000;