Jonel technology ‘Alert’ to tolerance-exceeding batch events

Jonel Engineering has added to its flagship ready mixed batch control system the Archer Batch Alerting Engine, providing concrete plant or quality control managers, or their customers, instant mobile phone or e-mail updates on mix materials batched out of tolerance.

Archer Alerts affords users built-in configuration settings to change tolerance limits or identify materials subject to notifications. The Alert engine can be customized to send messages for batch weights, moisture percentages and additional plant input/output devices such as limit switches, scales and moisture sensors.

Users can set up the system and an unlimited number of recipients through an e-mail account. Archer Alerts enables concrete producers to stay in contact with their operations, providing what developers note is a performance edge through a combination of speed and accuracy, flexibility and connectivity—all in one system.

Alerts is the latest addition to the Archer concrete batching system, blending software- and hardware-based solutions tailored to specific plant demands. It joins another recently introduced feature, the production “dashboard” reporting tool, with which users identify operating trends, drill down to determine root cause issues, and chart key performance indicators.

The Archer platform provides multiple users access to the same batch system at the same time, allowing information to be distributed and configuration to be maintained from anywhere, anytime. With simple, single key-press operation, on-screen help, and color-coded status displays, Jonel programmers note, plant staff can learn system operation in minutes. Among batch control features central to the Archer platform, they add:

Accuracy. Quicker cut-off response times are the result of “dual processor” design. Jogging of fill gates is virtually eliminated, allowing a ready mixed plant to run at full speed. Proprietary “Intelligent Free-Fall” system keeps track of each material fill and automatically adjusts for cut-off variations.

Flexibility. Every concrete batching system includes an integrated Programmable Logic Controller that allows every aspect of your plant to be controlled, without adding relays and custom wiring. Custom batching equipment such as material distribution, water reclamation, and silo monitoring can be easily integrated into the concrete batch control system, saving operators the expense of buying and maintaining separate systems.

Remote batching capability. Using exclusive “Virtual Console” system, operators can run satellite plants over a network or by modem. — Jonel Engineering, 800/432-4567;