Forklift Load Spreader Beam

A new spreader beam by Jescraft allows stone handlers to move loads quickly and safely with a forklift. Specially designed for stone fabricators who need to transport material in and out of buildings or make tight turns in a crowded yard, Jescraft’s spreader beam features fork-access slots that provide a secure way of engaging and lifting the beam with a forklift. This creates a more mobile and maneuverable alternative to hoisting with a stationary overhead crane. The beam is also ideal for loading and unloading containers.

Made of heavy-duty steel, the spreader beam measures 96-in. long by 11.5-in. high, and has a maximum load capacity of 10,000 lbs. The beam accommodates slings or straps up to 5-in. wide, which can be positioned and secured on the bar in one of the multiple slot positions. When not in use, the beam rests stably on its two “feet,” which also aid in settling it on the ground. Designed for lifting with an overhead crane as well as forklift, the spreader beam features a reinforced 1.25-in.-thick swivel hook attachment point at the peak of the bar. — Jescraft, 800/524-1142;