Coil, direct-fired features net Sioux Hybrid Water Heater

Engineered to maximize the benefits of coil and direct-fired heating technologies, the 3 million-BTU/h Hybrid Heater achieves 208°F (93°C) outlet temperature at 95 percent-plus true efficiency. The model is geared specifically to heat large volumes of water in ready mixed concrete operations. It incorporates a media section providing high overall efficiency and a coil section allowing the heater to reach high temperatures without discharging steam from the exhaust stack. In contrast to common direct-fired heaters, the Sioux Hybrid Heater has a recirculation mode used to maintain storage tank water at an adjustable temperature setting. The Hybrid Heater is built to ASME Code and shipped complete with no assembly required. — Sioux Corp., 888/763-8833 or 605/763-3333;