Penny’s Concrete effects Universal recycled motor oil switch

Source: Universal Lubricants, Wichita, Kan.

Shawnee Mission, Kan., ready mixed producer Penny’s Concrete has adopted American Petroleum Insitute-licensed and Society of Automotive Engineers-grade Eco Ultra recycled oils and coolants across its 150-truck fleet. Universal Lubricants bills itself as the only domestic producer of recycled motor oils, maintaining a closed-loop by collecting, re-refinining, blending, packaging and re-distributing its own truck lubricants. “The average 60-quart recycled motor oil change translates to a savings of 24 new barrels of oil,” notes CEO John Wesley.

“Penny’s Concrete has maintained a family-run operation for 84 years, with plans to run our business for at least another 84,” adds Penny’s Vehicle Maintenance Manager David Shuck. “[The] decision to use a premium recycled motor oil makes a difference for the environment we’ve worked in, day in and day out, for close to a century.”