International Precast ships first Canadian CarbonCast job

Source: AltusGroup, Bethlehem, Pa.

CarbonCast high performance insulated wall panels were erected for the first time in Canada at the new Cineplex Galaxy cinema in Chatham, Ontario, by International Precast Solutions, River Rouge, Mich.

A member of The Prestressed Group and AltusGroup, a national network of precast concrete manufacturers dedicated to innovation, International Precast is licensed to produce CarbonCast wall panels, insulated architectural cladding, and architectural cladding after becoming the 14th producing member of AltusGroup in August 2011. It is one of 30 manufacturing facilities nationwide that share more than 400 specification-oriented sales, marketing and engineering professionals operating PCI-certified plants for consistent quality control and exceptional results.

Together, these producers offer CarbonCast technology that uses C-GRID—a non-corrosive, high-strength, epoxy-coated carbon fiber grid—as secondary, shear reinforcing instead of traditional steel mesh reinforcing. Enclosures systems made with C-GRID require less concrete for fully structurally composite sections that are thinner and taller. It also reduces weight as muchas 50 percent for better durability while offering improved insulation values due to its relatively low thermal conductivity.

The Prestressed Group provides customized precast solutions, servicing Ontario to Kentucky and Indiana to New York. It is working with AltusGroup to deliver state-of-the-art materials throughout the remainder of the country as well as in Canada.