Preferred Materials brands premium pervious DrainReady

Sources: Preferred Materials, Bonita Springs, Fla.; CP staff

In a state where pervious concrete pavement is established practice, Preferred Materials differentiates its mix offerings with DrainReady. Promoted as a durable and extremely permeable concrete for parking lots, drives, walkways, and other areas where water must quickly pass, it joins ColorReady and (self consolidating) PlaceReady in a series of value-added, branded mixes unveiled over the past year.

“DrainReady takes pervious concrete to the next level,” says Preferred Materials Director of Quality Control and Technical Service Jeremy Minnillo. “We have designed this product to overcome the issues that usually arise with standard pervious pavement; it’s stronger, easier to finish, highly durable, and helps to maximize LEED credits.”

DrainReady has been specifically engineered to provide enhanced wear and abrasion resistance versus typical pervious concrete mixes. In addition to effectively handling Florida’s rainy season, it appeals to developers because it can reduce the size of retention areas and increase building footprints. With headquarters in Bonita Springs, Preferred Materials was formed in 2007 by Oldcastle Materials, and has ready mixed operations in Jacksonville, Orlando, and the Panhandle, plus Tampa and points south along the Gulf Coast.