Vince Hagan machines largest portable RCC mixer

Vince Hagan Co. has announced a horizontal mixer with 8-yd. yield for roller-compacted concrete mixer and 10-yd. yield for cement-treated base mixes with ½-in. and higher slump. The model is Plant Mixer Manufacturers Division performance rated for a 30-second mix time in 4- to 6-in. slump material and 4-in. slump or less paving loads. The mixer has exhibited what company engineers contend is exceptional operational flexibility in heavy construction markets, and has been deployed in hydroelectric dam, airport runway, mainline paving, commercial building, bridge and general construction projects. The mixer can charge all types of trucks including conventional, front-discharge and boost-a-load mixers, plus agitor and dump trucks. It is available with a portable concrete wet belt for additional height and high speed discharge into any truck. The model has theoretical ratings of 400 yd./hour for standard mixes, 320 yd./hour for RCC and CTB mixes.   — Vince Hagan Co., 214/330-4601,