Enerpac adds PT tendon shearing, sealing tools

All manufacturing and commercial rights to the PocketSHEAR and PocketCAP product lines have been acquired by Enerpac for use in the installation of post-tensioned concrete. Engineering control and manufacturing for both product lines have now been moved to the Precision Sure-Lock facility in Dallas. When shipments begin in the fall of 2011, all PocketSHEAR and PocketCAP products produced by Enerpac will be backed by the Enerpac Global Lifetime Warranty.

PocketSHEAR products cleanly cut the metal steel unbounded tendon tails after post-tensioned concrete is formed, placed and stressed. After, PocketCAP can be used to seal the tendons, providing a protective cap for moderate to highly corrosive environment applications and delivering an additional level of protection against corrosion. Both tendon finishing product lines complement the Precision Sure-Lock pre-stressed and post-tensioning wedge and anchor lines currently produced by Enerpac.

“PocketSHEAR and PocketCAP products are valuable tools in the installation of post-tensioned concrete, for a broad range of applications such as buildings and bridges,” said Paul Hohensee, Commercial Marketing Leader-Americas at Enerpac. “Now, these products are backed by the proven Precision Sure-Lock brand, as well as Enerpac’s industry-leading expertise, pre- and post-purchase support system and global reach.”

Features of the PocketSHEAR:

  • Offers battery and hydraulic versions, for cutting 0.5 in. (12.5mm) and 0.6 in. (15.2mm) strand sizes.
  • Shears the tendon in the pocket, providing controlled tendon length without applying heat to the anchorage.
  • Eliminates the need for hot-work permits on the job when cutting tendon tails.
  • Provides quick and effortless tendon cutting with no risk of abrasive saw kick-back.
  • Delivers a clean-cut end with sufficient space to facilitate gripping for lift-off, when required.
  • Creates shear cuts that can be reliably sealed against corrosion with PocketCAP products.

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