Polymer binder developer brands ‘Blue Crete’

Source: Blue World Crete, Inc., Pompano Beach, Fla.

Geo-Blue Crete II, the recently unveiled binding agent from Blue World Crete, is said to be a low-carbon-footprint alternative to portland cement. As a one-part system that only requires paddle mixing of its powdered chemical formula at ambient temperatures, the manufacturing process differs from portland cement, although its delivery system is the same. The agent is billed as an economically green alternative to portland cement while also providing a high-performance concrete solution for engineers and architects.

Geo-Blue Crete II’s developers note that the product is less dependent on mix water and can reach greater compressive and tensile strengths than its predecessor, Geo-Blue Crete. Ready mixed concrete producers in Ohio and Dubai have put the original product through multiple commercial application tests. The company is currently looking for manufacturers and distributors worldwide, noting that the polymer agent production can be realized at a small fraction of the capital outlay required of a portland cement mill. — www.blueworldcrete.com