Rotary feeder valves

The MD Series provides those involved in bulk material handling process engineering, production supervision, and equipment maintenance, a material metering valve that immediately contributes tangible operating efficiency advantages, and long-term production and maintenance savings. The equipment suits cement pump applications where powder is transferred from mills to silos, or from silo to silo. It can also be used in batching applications from bulkers and/or bags to silos, plus pneumatic feeding of filler units. The MD Series can also be used as a valve/ meter in applications for metering cement discharge from storage hoppers or filer units. Another application is pressure modulation and dust release in dust collection systems.

The MD Series of rotary feeders is constructed with an eight-vane rotary valve that ensures proper pressure sealing at the inlet and outlet flange. The optimal seal produced by an MD Series rotary feeder can reduce compressed air loss by up to 28 cfm/year; a savings of up to $3,600/year based on an industry annual, average cost of $1,200 per 10 cfm of compressed air. The MD Series can also immediately contribute additional process efficiency savings with an available variable frequency drive that modulates drive speed and reduces electricity consumption based on the fluctuating power requirements of the MD Series feeder valve system.

ACS Valves rotary feeder designs provide long-term production and maintenance savings by reducing the total lifecycle maintenance requirements of the MD Series of rotary feeder valves. The MD Series valve housings are cast in North America to ensure superior strength in the composition and solidification of the housing’s metallurgy. The MD Series housings are then CNC-machined to precise tolerances; eliminating axial shaft movement, seal leakage, and shortened bearing life. The ACS Valves MD Series further extends maintenance cycles with an outboard bearing design that removes the bearings from the path of damaging and contaminating materials, protects the bearings in high temperature applications to 750ºF, while easily managing application pressure differentials up to 15 psig.

ACS Valves MD Series rotary feeders are available in cast iron, or cast 304 or 316 stainless steel. Seven valve sizes are available from 4- to 16-in. Rotor configurations include: closed-end, metering, shallow-pocket, Teflon-coated and adjustable-tip. Adjustable rotor tips are available in EPDM, hardened steel, stainless steel, bronze or polyurethane. Interior surface coating options include: hard chrome, tungsten and Teflon. — ACS Valves, 800/655-3447;