Off-highway equipment lubricants

Off-highway equipment lubricantsThe UltraMax product line is formulated to extend the life of off-highway engines and equipment by going beyond OEM standards to outprotect, outperform and provide better cost containment, the manufacture contends. Line includes engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluids and high-performance hydraulic oils.


Peter Thomson, director of commercial & industrial marketing, explains, “With improved friction, durability and prolonged fluid life, UltraMax retains optimal operation for the full life of the fluid, minimizes wear and helps prolong part life. UltraMax TDTO TO-4M fluid, with its all-temperature protection, means seasonal oil changes are not required.

UltraMax Hydraulic Fluid, jointly developed by Valvoline and Eaton, exceeds the high-performance levels demanded by Eaton, Denison, Cincinnati Machine, Bosch Rexroth, Joy Mining and others. Tested first in the lab and then in the field, UltraMax Hydraulic Fluid is said to meet or outperform competitive fluids. Valvoline’s UltraMax Transmission & Drive Train Oil provides protection against gear wear, rust and corrosion, foaming and oxidation. Formulated to meet rigorous Caterpillar TO-4M specifications, Allison C-4 specifications and Komatsu requirements, it also provides wear and deposit protection, excellent high-temperature-film thickness and low-temperature pumpability for wear protection under severe loading conditions. — Valvoline,