Verifi adds temperature gauge, admixture dosing to mixer-mounted process control

Sources: Verifi LLC, West Chester, Ohio; CP staff

In its first major technology upgrade following the December 2010 acquisition by W.R. Grace & Co., Verifi has unveiled a next generation Process Control Platform for mixer trucks. Succeeding an RS Solutions on-board, flagship device for slump measurement en route, the new hardware acts as a robust control and management hub during ready mixed concrete delivery, product engineers note. It will integrate with forthcoming devices aimed at measuring concrete temperature, adding mix dispersants, determining high speed slump mixing, plus other tools performing related quality control functions.

Housed in a forward-mounted cabinet, the new platform is one with which ready mixed producers “can customize their own solution by selecting features that best suit their process visibility and control needs,” says Verifi General Manager Robert Wilson. “This scalability is what makes our product unique and desirable.”

“Customers can realize many advantages from the new platform and upcoming modules,” adds Director of Sales & Marketing Doug Groh. “The system delivers significantly enhanced information, along with comprehensive reports that provide actionable data on operations and product quality.”