Quebec producer Unibeton deploys first Simard twin rear axle steering system

Source: Simard Suspensions, Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec

Ciment Quebec’s Unibeton ready mixed business has marked the North American debut of an adjustable hydraulic and digital system installed on both rear axles of a trailer-mounted concrete mixer. Engineered to maximize steering angle with a minimum number of components, the SVSE (Simard Vehicle Systems Engineering) system uses microprocessor-driven Electronic Steering Trailer technology from Europe.

Electro-hydraulic steered axles provide fuel economy and lower tire wear, and are especially suited to heavy-duty trucks navigating urban routes, Simard notes. The manufacturer has teamed with London Machinery and Unibeton to test the SVSE on a 16-yd. trailer model. Also participating is Dutch manufacturer VSE, which cites more than 25,000 electro-hydraulic steered axle installations among European fleet operators.