Evansville hosts 2011 National Concrete Canoe Competition

Source: American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, Va.

University of Evansville civil engineering students and faculty will welcome peers from 23 schools to southern Indiana for the National Concrete Canoe Competition. The June 16-18 event will see student teams compete in four categories: canoe aesthetics and structural integrity; technical design paper highlighting their planning, development, testing and construction; academic presentation covering their canoe’s design, construction, racing ability and other innovative features; and, canoe and paddlers’ performance in men’s and women’s slalom/endurance and sprint races, plus co-ed sprints.

Among the judges for this year’s competition are Michelle Wilson, FACI, director of Concrete Knowledge for Portland Cement Association; Craig Lindquist, P.E., Creative Construction Solutions in Chesterfield, Mo.; and, Larry Owens, P.E., Area Manager for Traylor Bros., Heavy Civil Construction Division, Evansville. — www.concretecanoe.asce.org