Silane treatments

Xiameter brand silanes for concrete formulators can help repel water and protect highway infrastructure from weather damage. The freeze-thaw cycles in winter wreak havoc on roads and bridges, which can lead to dangerous driving conditions.  The seeping water often carries deicing salts with it, which can cause or accelerate corrosion of steel reinforcing bars, compromising the integrity of the infrastructure. Xiameter silanes can offer water-repellent properties to concrete when applied as a penetrating treatment. Silane molecules are small and reactive, and work at a microscopic level by bonding to the concrete. Once applied, the layer of silane, which even in high-strength concrete can be up to 4- to 5-mm thick, creates an umbrella of protection that keeps water out. The Xiameter brand provides a convenient, proven, cost-effective way to get the right products to help prevent weather damage from occurring. Dow Corning;