Service-Free U-Joints

This company announced the introduction of service-free u-joints to its heavy-duty Spicer Life Series (SPL) driveshafts, technology that delivers a permanently lubricated driveline that reduces maintenance costs over the life of the product. The SPL-250 and SPL-170 u-joints have been designed for main and tandem drive inter-axle driveshaft applications for a variety of Class 8 heavy-duty truck applications and borrow from Dana’s industry-proven service-free technology that has been available in Europe for over 13 years.

The manufacturer recently upgraded the performance and durability of its entire line-up of SPL heavy-duty universal joints. Enhancements feature a new bearing package that includes larger needle bearings for increased capacity, a special Viton synthetic seal for improved grease retention and a thermoplastic seal guard to exclude contaminants. In addition, a new premium synthetic lubricant provides further improvement in bearing life. Dana’s SPL line of universal joints offers customers up to 40 percent improvement in dynamic bearing capacity to create a driveline with 70 percent more power density compared with it nearest competitor. Dana Holding Corp.;