Ryder service integrates fuel management activities, data logging

Ryder Fuel Services has designed its Fuel Management service offerings to provide storage tank owners and operators with a single source to manage all activities and data associated with purchasing, storing and consuming fuel. This system of centralized, computer-based fuel management control is crucial to driving supply-chain efficiencies and improving fuel-supply system performance.

“Our Fuel Management service can be offered as a single component, or part of a fully integrated service that includes compliance, remote monitoring and the management of your alarms, service and fuel needs,” said Pete Cochefski, director of sales & marketing for Ryder FS.

The company’s service professionals manage client’s fuel system needs, allowing on-site personnel to focus on their core responsibilities. The company’s nationwide network of contractors keeps their customer’s petroleum storage and dispensing systems working smoothly and providing more efficient and cost-effective operations.

Customers receive real-time alarm management and the ability to communicate with all major brands of automatic tank gauges. In addition, the fuel management service provides the ability to communicate 24/7 with a Service Support Center staffed by industrial professionals with more than 40 years of combined experience.