Dust Collector Valve

This VHT High-Temp replaceable duck bill sleeve for the Vacu-Valve is one of the lowest-cost, lowest-maintenance dust collector valves available, says the manufactuer. The VHT sleeve is heat resistant in temperatures as high as to 400°F/200°C and offers resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals. It operates as a constant discharge valve for dust collectors, hoppers, cyclones and other equipment operating under negative pressure. Its unique duck-bill design allows it to dispense dry, free-flowing material continuously and has no moving parts to maintain. The low-maintenance Vacu-Valve requires no lubrication or power source and has no controls, making the unit the lowest-cost solution. It’s ideal for “keep empty” dust collection units and is available in either carbon-steel or stainless-steel versions. The replaceable duck-bill sleeves also are available in neoprene or white nitrile, making the unit suitable for general use, high-temperature or abrasive material applications. The manufacturer offers a range of valves, including rotary, double dump, slide gate and knife valves.
Aerodyne; www.DustCollectorHQ.com/037