Articulating crane

A new 47-tm crane offers a lifting capacity of 21,625 lbs. maximum rating at a radius of 15 ft. 1 in. It features a dual power plus link arm system (DL), well suited for long reaches and lifting in high positions with demanding equipment (such as fly-jib and winch) and, product engineers note, provides precise and regular movements in the entire working area while it delivers ideal lifting capacities under almost any working conditions.

The 47/326 also features “over-bending,” which means the working area between the main boom and the outer boom is no less than 195 degrees. Over-bending affords greater flexibility when working through narrow passages and under overhead obstructions, the ability to lift maximum loads in all boom positions, and a lower total height when the crane is stowed on the truck body.

Additional manufacturer-cited features include radio remote equipped with an information center that controls stabilizer functions and feedback of loader operation conditions; internal hose routing system; continuous rotation; optional stabilizer solutions for each side; flexible stow bracket design that secures boom for transportation but does not allow bracket damage.

The 47/326 joins an articulating crane lineup with models ranging from 10-ft. 2-in. to 70-ft. 10-in. maximum reach and lift capacities from 1,740- to 38,185-lb. maximum rating at 14 ft. 5 in. A key safety feature available on all of the company’s articulating crane models is the rated capacity limiter (RCL). Mid-range and larger cranes—including the new 47/326 model—are available with the newest generation RCL 5300, which monitors load moment, operation and function.

In overload, the system warns the operator and interrupts the distribution of oil for crane functions, while allowing functions that reduce load moment to remain operational. The RCL 5300 cooperates with the user and compensates when the RCL senses a situation requiring intervention. The system monitors safety during crane operation, and crane position during transport (stabilizers and boom position). Iowa Mold Tooling,