Study advances pervious pavement for freeze-thaw markets

Source: Ready Mixed Concrete Research & Education Foundation, Silver Spring, Md.

Slab engineering, mix designs and curing methods are among critical practice points cited in an extensive study, “Performance Evaluation of In-Service Pervious Concrete Pavements in Cold Weather.” The latest addition to the RMC Research & Education Foundation library of pervious concrete titles examines 29 Minnesota pavements placed from 2005–2010.

“Performance Evaluation” was completed at the University of Minnesota in cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Transportation and its MnROAD Pavement Testing Facility, located outside the Twin Cities along Interstate 94. Investigators evaluate the use of pervious concrete in cold weather, offering insight on impermeability causes, mix rheology and structural analyses.

“The Foundation funded additional research on the use of pervious concrete to better understand how it may be both improved and its use expanded, especially given the growing global emphasis on the need for sustainable construction,” said Scott Parson, foundation chairman and Oldcastle Materials Mountain West president.

“This is another great example of how the Foundation is advancing the concrete industry through partnering with universities and governmental agencies,” adds Foundation Executive Director Julie Garbini. “Although pervious concrete has been around for years, with each new research project, we continue to learn more.”

The study can be obtained as a large (18MB) downloadable pdf from The file has also been added to the Foundation’s Supporting Sustainable Development CD; copies of it or a “Performance Evaluation” print version can be obtained from the Foundation, 888/846-7622.